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Pastor Cyrena Denniston

Originally from Seattle, WA, Cyrena is a dynamic individual fueled by passions for music, missions, multi-generational teaching, and worship leadership. With nearly 30 years dedicated to these pursuits, she has garnered diverse opportunities, including performing the National Anthem at professional sporting events and ministering within various church platforms. Cyrena achieved pastoral credentials with Assemblies of God in 2021, completed her licensing in 2023, and is embarking on her ordination journey in 2024. As a catalyst missionary with Steiger International from 2020 to 2023, she played pivotal roles in various servant leader capacities. Cyrena, along with her husband Dave and two daughters, reside in the Midwest region of the United States.

Cyrena's life milestones leading to the birth of Black Fire Ministries

Fun Fact:

Cyrena appeared as a contestant on

Wheel of Fortune game show

during the 2005 season when she was pregnant with her first daughter and  $100,000 pyramid game show during the 2017 season alongside

NFL Stars Brandon Marshall

& Cam Newton


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