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The Birth Of

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Ignited Spiritual Soldiers

The Spark

At just 11 years old, God ignited Cyrena's mission fervor with stories of her mom's impactful missions journeys, especially those in South Africa.

The Launching Point

At 17, a divine prophecy declared that Cyrena would be an instrument for God to impact the nations.


The Mission & Pivotal Moment

In 2020, Cyrena, pursuing pastoral certification, joined Steiger International—a cutting-edge missionary movement. Over 3 years, she gained skills and actively led evangelistic initiatives in Minneapolis (her hometown), the U.S., and Africa.

This transformative journey confirmed God's catalytic missions calling rooted in Acts 1:8. On June 2nd, 2020, at 38th and Chicago in Minneapolis, where George Floyd had been murdered nine days prior, God entrusted her with a microphone to preach the Gospel to a large crowd.

 (click here to see video ).

In this moment, she describes "horse blinders" falling, as God allowed her to perceive the world as He intended—a world marked by pain, brokenness, and confusion, in desperate search for hope and answers.

This revelation compelled Cyrena to live missionally—identifying Minneapolis as her "Jerusalem," North America as her "Judea," and Africa as her "ends of the earth." Her unwavering conviction drives her to bring the transformative message of the Gospel to every corner of the world God calls her to serve.

Out of this love and fervor, from a spark that

began at age 11, Black Fire Ministries is here!


The Covenant

Black Fire Ministries is dedicated to illuminating the history and significance of Black Missions, rallying a diverse community of missionary leaders. Your prayers and financial support propel us into this transformative season, forging a united path towards a purposeful mission.

We can't do it alone—your partnership is crucial!


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