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The Team

THE 100

The 100 are not just a number; they are a movement. They are the inspiring lives and voices that are bringing Global Gospel Transformation.
They are the leaders carrying the torch of change
into the future.

Janell Nolan


Janell Nolan

(pronounced  Juh-nell)

South Africa (Cape Town)

Age 25

Janell Nolan is a 25 year old professional photographer located in Cape Town South Africa, whose favourite subject to capture is people experiencing the love of God. When she was little she would watch God move in miraculous ways of healings, miracles, and breakthroughs in a time where her parents were in full time ministry as worship leaders at Spirit Word Ministries near the Johannesburg area. 

In 2020, she did a two year internship at Kingdom Light Church and proceeded to work full time for KLC Ministries for another year. After which she went to Steiger Mission School in Europe Germany learning how to reach the global youth Culture end of 2023.

Her heart is to see her generation and the generations to follow find their identity in the Father love and the sacrifice of Jesus.


Daniel Thring

(pronounced  Dan-yull)


South Africa (Durban)

Age 21

Daniel , the last born of Wayne and Leona grew up in Durban, South Africa. He found a love for sports and being active from a young age. He was always involved in sports fixtures throughout his schooling and still finds ways to keep active.


As a pastor’s kid surrounded by the church ministry he readily got involved in youth and children's ministry while in school. In 2022 he moved to Cape Town to study when God led him to enter ministry by joining the internship program at Kingdom Light Church, his local church. While completing his internship 2023 he got connected with Steiger and had the opportunity to be a part of the Steiger mission school in Germany. Learning how to reach the global youth culture. In the beginning of this year, he connected with a few churches in his home town to share the fire for evangelism.

Daniel Thring
Venance Housseou


Mahoudjro "Venance" Housseou

(pronounced  Vin-ants)

 Benin (West Africa)

Age 24

Mahoudjro Venance, born and raised in Benin Republic, currently resides and works in Togo, West Africa. Having studied Cinema and African Studies in Benin, Mahoudjro is now pursuing biblical studies. He serves diligently within an organization dedicated to equipping disciple makers and leaders to establish churches in every village across the globe.

Passionate about the church and his community, Mahoudjro's life's mission is to spread the greatest message to those in desperate need of it, to serve his community, and to empower individuals with the tools to deeply discover and embrace Christ. Join Mahoudjro on this journey of encouragement and empowerment as he strives to make a meaningful impact on the world.


Lazard Maoumou

(pronounced  Lah-Zard)

Guinea (West Africa)

Age 30

Lazard was born in N'zerekorore, Guinea, and grew up in Conakry. He discovered his calling during his student years and pursued missionary training in 2017 at the Kalima Mission School, leading to his role as an assistant pastor. Eventually, he felt a specific calling to evangelism, creating a structure for evangelistic work and organizing trips across Guinea.

Today, he leads his local church's evangelism team and is the founder of Black Fire Ministries in Conakry.

In 2022, as the Executive Director of Volunteers for Salvation (V4S), Lazard led a team of young people to inspect and register churches throughout Conakry. This effort allowed them to map the churches in the Guinean capital, demonstrating his commitment to uniting the church around evangelism and outreach.



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